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Joselyn Cano was

Loved and adored by her husband, her two beautiful children, Elianah and Zane, ages 5 and 2, her family, friends and everyone who knew her. She manifested and built the life of her dreams and was truly happy when a tragic accident suddenly and unexpectedly took her from us with no chance to say good bye.

We lost our beloved Joselyn at the young age of 30 on December 7, 2020 in Cancun, Mexico. She was an angel walking among us on this earth, influencing and inspiring, radiating positivity, genuinely helping and improving so many lives of everyone who had the privilege to know her.

Joselyn was born on March 14, 1990 in Anaheim, California. She was raised in Lake Elsinore by her parents Moises Sr. and Elia, with her two younger brothers, Moises Jr. and Israel. At a young age, Joselyn’s parents noticed she was extremely intelligent, remarkably creative and had a knack for dancing and a genuine interest in modeling.

Joselyn Cano was an extraordinarily courageous young lady, but she was not always this way. She began her schooling as a shy little girl, afraid to raise her hand in class, then one day she mustered up all the courage she could gather from within and raised her hand. She thought to herself “that wasn't so bad”. From then on she got more involved with school and committed to get all A+ on her report card, and to stay at the top of her class. From a young age, Joselyn overcame every challenge that came her way. She studied the problem and always figured out a way to overcome it and turned every weakness into a strength. As she got older, a lot of the high achieving boys from other classes quickly became jealous of this nice, strong, beautiful young woman when they got into her class. After graduating Lake Side High School in 2008, she decided to pursue her passion, a career in modeling.

Like everything else in her life, Joselyn did it her way and became one of the first Social Media Influencers with millions of followers, paving the way for others you may know of today. Joselyn was exceptionally courageous, dedicated, and an amazing problem solver, among many other amazing qualities, all of which helped her find success in everything she put her mind to.

Her life journey led her to Cancun, where she met the love of her life. After falling in love, Joselyn decided to move to Cancun in 2013 to start her family with her husband, they had their first daughter Elianah in November of 2015.

While starting her family, Joselyn remained dedicated to modeling and growing her social media following. Joselyn worked with various local, national and international magazines and publications. Her optimism & perseverance helped her gain massive popularity, which led her to be featured in many renowned magazines and music videos. In 2016, she was even featured in Sports Illustrated. She became an accomplished social media influencer, trendsetter and a successful entrepreneur. She was known as "The Mexican Kim Kardashian" and had over 12.9 Million followers on Instagram as well as millions of followers on other social media platforms. She launched her own line of waist-trainers and later Joselyn Cano Swimwear in 2018. She had great success with her brands because of her high level of motivation, self-discipline, financial wisdom and her unstoppable drive to be successful at everything she does.

In December of 2018 Joselyn and her husband were blessed with their second child, Zane. Joselyn adored her family with every fiber of her being and she always made sure to shower them with love and ensure they felt loved and were well taken care of.

Joselyn loved traveling and experiencing new things. The life she built was proof that we really can have it all - success, family, health and happiness. Joselyn’s closest family and friends depicted her as loving, kind, loyal, respectful, honest, helpful and a great leader. All of her amazing qualities helped her achieve the life that she had. Before she passed, Joselyn began to instill those same principles onto others, sharing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom she gained on her journey to happiness and success. Through this, she found even more happiness in helping her loved ones. She found a new passion in improving people’s lives, especially those closest to her, and was working on developing an online course to help the world manifest the life of their dreams.

May she be remembered for the love and joy she had for her family, the kindness and compassion she had towards others, the courage and dedication she had for her work and the passion she had in helping others become the best versions of themselves.


Joselyn, your life was a blessing, the memory of you will always be cherished, and you will be in our thoughts and prayers forever.

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So young and dear and always full of life
My dearest family and friends I always cherish
Our roads are paved with thoughts we birth
As days will go, our spirts live forever
While those who know me are on this earth
I will never perish
- Joselyn Cano -

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